Making Space Together


Welcome friends and aspiring organized people!

I wanted to carve out a place on my website to really commit to helping others get organized by bringing you content that motivates you to go for it! 

 As I've gotten older I've realized, I've always had a compulsion to count steps, floor tiles, fold clothes like a department store, and of course, my family always knew I was a bit of a germophobe. As the years have progressed I prefer my towels folded a certain way, things to be color-coded, and small things like that but what got me to consider organizing for others was when I remodeled my laundry room. It was so satisfying to take everything out and put my ideas into place (with some help from my amazing parents). It was bright, open, and orderly just like I wanted! I was actually excited to do laundry of all things... Then it just morphed from there. I started helping family members with small projects, then doing whole rooms of stuff. I never get tired of organizing and could spend hours upon hours sorting things. 

I'd like to emphasize that being organized does not happen overnight. There are many days I put off a project in my own home promising myself I'll get to it tomorrow. Don't fret, you'll get there. So with that, I invite you to refer here; where I will share tips, product reviews, and some benefits of being organized! 

Thank you all for your positivity and support.