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A Not So Ordinary Christmas!

Christmas is known for being the season of giving but how many of you can name every gift you received last year? The year before? How about when you were 10? I can't either. What I do remember is, putting out cookies for Santa Clause, helping put the Christmas tree up, and having the best Christmas meal with my entire family. Those are memories I'll never forget, the gifts I got...well they are long gone.

This Christmas my goal is to share experiences! The benefits of non-material gifts are for one, no clutter, bonding time, making memories, can be the start of a new tradition, and best of all the memories will always last longer than a material gift. The time and memories I have with friends and family who are no longer with us are a gift in itself.

The question I face every year is what to get my family who has everything they really need? Especially when it comes to my husband who has all the music equipment he needs, and I have no clue what quality music gear to even buy. He's not a big fan of clothes or gifts and rarely keeps up with them. But one thing he did want to keep was our tickets to our first concert together, our cards from our first vacation, and the vouchers from our first Nascar race. So, the answer to me seems simple... DO something for them rather than BUY some(thing).

I learned something when I started organizing as a business and that is kids today have up to 200 toys on average, and only play with about 10-12 of them. I organized a home for a family that was overrun with toys and crafts. They were filled with worry about their little girl returning home from school and not finding all of her toys out and some missing. Turns out, she didn't even realize they were gone! The best part was, she was excited to have a place for her toys and that she knew exactly how to put them away. The reward for donating and downsizing her toys was they got to make space to put their Christmas tree up early. Not only did she understand she got rewarded with something she wanted to do, but she was helping other kids by donating some toys and backpacks. How great was that lesson?

If you absolutely must buy a material a gift or two, make the gift-giving an experience. Try a treasure hunt by wrapping several clues around the house until they find their real gift. I guarantee that will be an eventful Christmas morning they won't forget!

So this year why not try to buy less and do more? Avoid the crazy malls and crowds because who really wants to be an observer of people fighting over towels? The options are boundless but listed below are some of my favorites. Feel free to leave some comments on what you plan to do this holiday season. And remember this, people may not always remember what you bought but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Non Material Gift List

For Him:

Camping / Hiking Trip

Sporting Event Tickets

Concert Tickets

Breakfast In Bed

Massage Gift Card/ or personally

Pay for a day of golf for him and a pal.

Renew His Hunting License

For Her:

Paid Hair Appointment

Manicure/ Pedicure

Romantic Dinner Date

Flower Arrangments (vase can be reused or regifted)

Wine Tasting Trip

Breakfast In Bed

Spa Day

For Couples:

Movie Night

Cooking Class

Painting / Pottery Class

Karaoke Night

Visit an Art Museum

Visit a Botanical Garden

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Horseback Riding

For Kids:

Museum, Theme Park, Zoo Membership

Ice Cream Date or Teach them how to make ice cream.

Hot Chocolate / Smore's Night

Make Kits For The Homeless

Batting Cage Day

Jump Park Day

Swimming Lessons

Music Lessons

Library Card or Itunes Card

Hope these help get you started, happy holidays friends!

Pictures by me and Pinterest

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