• Brittany Goff

Expect the unexpected!

(The scenario) You're at home on a Saturday morning, and hear a knock at the door. No big deal, maybe it's the mail or a neighbor. You go to answer and it's your relatives... WITH THEIR LUGGAGE! Instant panic floods your body because you know the guest room is a wreck. Clothes, toys, and workout gear are strung across the bed and floor. This is your worst nightmare.

You've been meaning to clear out the random junk in the closet and the nightstands to prepare for the upcoming holiday guests, but they came early.

Now, imagine the calming relief if everything had a place and the guest room could actually be a guest room instead of storage. Designate a place for the hobby items away from where guests will stay and donate or sell the items you don't use. Make it extra special by stocking travel-size toiletries or providing soft robes and slippers for them.

And always remember if you need help, I'm only a phone call away!


credit photographs from Pinterest

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